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Patient Communication Aids

Silent Speaker™ Communication Aids

Silent Speaker Communication Aids

Graphic aids to enhance communication between patients and caregivers.

  • Reduces patient and caregiver frustration by improving communication
  • Enables caregivers to provide better patient care
  • Insures that patient needs are quickly and effectively communicated

Silent Speaker™ Clipboards and Laminated Cards were designed by healthcare professionals to enhance communication between caregivers and individuals experiencing difficulty with verbal communication due to trauma, surgery, injury, disease or any other condition.

Silent Speaker reusable clipboards and cards are printed in large type and feature concise keywords and phrases that can be used in
conjunction with illustrations to improve communication between patient and caregiver.

Available as laminated cards or clipboards the Silent Speaker is designed for use in any setting where communication could be improved.

Dry erase surfaces are easy to clean with ordinary tissue for repeated use. Not for use with permanent markers or pens.

Model 110-B: Silent Speaker™ Rehabilitation/Home Care Clipboard
"> $
Model 110-C: Silent Speaker™ Bilingual Universal Clipboard (Write-In)
"> $
Model 110-E: Silent Speaker™ Large Symbols Clipboard
"> $

Model 111-B: Rehabilitation/Home Care Laminated Card
"> $
Model 111-D: Bilingual Universal Laminated Card (Write-In)
"> $
Model 111-E: Large Symbol Card
"> $

Model 112: Dry Erase Pen
"> $
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